SHAPE-SEA Research Grants Programme for 2018 (RGP 2018)
08 May, 2017

SHAPE-SEA Research Grants Programme for 2018 (RGP 2018)
Deadline for Submission of Concept Notes and Required Documents: 15 August 2017 (17:00ICT/BKK)

The overall aim of the Strengthening Human Rights and Peace Research/Education in ASEAN/Southeast Asia Programme (SHAPE-SEA) is to contribute to the improvement of the human rights and peace situation in ASEAN/ Southeast Asia through applied research and education. Moreover, it seeks to support and contribute to the existing knowledge through high quality research on human rights and peace in ASEAN/ Southeast Asia, to directly involve and engage SEA/ASEAN universities to pay a more significant role in the sustainability of human rights protection by contributing research, and increasing the knowledge on human rights and peace by incorporating these issues into university education, to create spaces for knowledge building and dissemination amongst the academic community and other human rights and peace stakeholders; and to produce and disseminate research on human rights and peace in Southeast Asia/ASEAN to a wider audience.

Since 2015, SHAPE-SEA, through its Research Grants Programme, has been supporting academics, graduate students and researchers conduct original, innovative and groundbreaking studies on topics related to human rights and peace in ASEAN/Southeast Asia. In 2018, we will be welcoming a new batch of researchers who will be contributing to the promotion and protection of human rights & building of peace in Southeast Asia!

#RGP2018 will be supporting one year (12 months) research projects (January-December 2018).


For more information on RGP 2018 and requirements:…/shape-sea-call-research-concept-note…/

Download the concept note here:…/u…/2017/05/2-RGP-2018-Concept-Note.doc